Majority woman owned and operated, Day to Evening is an online lifestyle brand with vintage fashion and home goods as well as future antiques - contemporary products with the great quality, design, and sustainability that vintage is known and loved for. Every piece that passes through our collection is hand-selected by our founder just waiting for you. In a word (or three): STYLE WITH SUBSTANCE. 


Located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan USA and shipping worldwide!


To make unique and hard to find sustainable fashion and decor easily accessible without sacrificing convenience or style.


Now, baby! We carry authentic vintage and antique products from the late 1800’s all the way to contemporary styles.


Alexa - Owner and Curator 
I love unique, high quality items and the convenience of having products delivered right to my door, but I found the process for shopping one of a kind vintage items online frustrating. My goal is to provide a shopping experience that connects the perfect item with the perfect person, in a way that takes the guesswork out of not being able to touch and try before you buy.

Robert - Customer Service and Order Fulfillment
Howdy! I manage our customer service and order fulfillment departments so that you have a great shopping experience and get your new treasures safely and as quickly as possible. 

 Henry - Head of Security and CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer) 
Ruff! I'm Henry and I guard the outside of the warehouse to ensure deliveries get into the right hands and to protect all of the wonderful curated goodies stored safely inside.


Celebrate every wonderful quirk that makes you YOU. Be sassy and unafraid to ruffle a few feathers. 
Fashion should have a conscience without compromise and you can make a difference by voting with your wallet.
Know that money goes directly into local economies because Day to Evening is committed to creating opportunities by sourcing directly from original owners and shopping small. 
We believe you should be absolutely head over heels for everything you own and that it's a-okay to be in love A LOT!
Whatever your style, you are a busy, dynamic person with a hectic schedule and unique challenges. A lot can happen in life during twenty four hours - your outfits have to endure. Mix and match the true vintage pieces with our selection of contemporary future antiques for ensembles that will stand up to your lifestyle and express yourself! 
Every piece has a story, and we are obsessed with matching the right item with the right person. When we find the perfect fit, magic happens. 
We encourage you to explore our shop, hit us up for style advice, and who knows…
your next love might be just around the (webpage) corner 
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