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Reykjavik Street Style


When it comes to style, people of Reykjavik are eccentric, to say the least. Quirky, eccentric outfits are present all over the place- bold colors,...


Colder days have come quickly and with them the issue of making a transition when it comes to clothes. Many enjoy this period because it...

Military Shirt And Blaser


Military style inspired outfits are fashionable and have been popular for quite some time now. Designers are constantly using it to promote new takes on...

mid heel boots


From flats to high heels, trendy to classic, casual to elegant, boots are a perfect fall item to invest in. When choosing boots try not...


Fall is just around the corner and many of you are looking for the perfect coat. When choosing a coat there are a couple of...

neutral bag with details


Practical but elegant and sophisticated bags which are big enough to hold everything you might need during the day can be difficult to find. A...